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  1. Rich says:

    My dad is a great guy and I Love him to death. I never fully appreciated him as I could have ( I feel) I was always to wrapped up in my own world. I deeply regret this. I am so glad I was able to tell him I loved him this last year. He is no longer himself any longer and seems to be getting worse each day ( i pray he comes out of this, but know longer think he will) He put up a hell of a fight. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer 9 years ago. He fought it well and brave for 8 of those years. He lived a good life during it accept, for his chemo sessions and a brain surgery. The brain incident turn out to be the beginning of the end it seems now.
    I will never forget him and always love him. I hope he makes it to my wedding but glad he at least got to meet and know her.I would push it up but at this point he cant get out of bed so doing that really wouldn’t matter. I love You Dad,,…

  2. Tish Altomare says:

    I understand why Hospice is referred to as a “gift”. It certainly was for our family. The gift was an unexpected renewed relationship with my husband’s Italian mother. The people and atmosphere at the Inpatient Hospice Unit at Holy Redeemer were not only comforting to her but also a blessing to our family. At their suggestions, we were able to share memories as we reviewed pictures that celebrated her life (and learned about a secret sweetheart from her teens). We listened to her favorite music (Italian of course)while eating her favorite foods (also Italian). Her sisters visited from out of town, her friends consoled her, she mended an old friendship and all of her fears were relieved. As her illness progressed and her life shortened, our knowledge of who she was expanded. Her end of life was peaceful and ours renewed.

    • Lucy Altomare says:

      This was so true Tish it was a great time for our family a time to make new memories. And remember old memories

    • Ann Stumpo says:

      I was a former neighbor of your mother. While volunteering in inpatient at Hospice, I visited your mother and she certainly was very pleasant and happy during the time I spent with her. We talked of her children and my children, who were around the same age, and the neighborhood and our church affiliation with the Seniors of St. Albert the Great. I was most happy that I spent some time with her before her passing away.

      Sincerely, Ann Stumpo

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