Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

When we sign a patient and family onto our hospice care, we often refer to our TEAM. Because of the nature of the hospice situation most families do not understand the process behind our team approach to help ; especially in end of life care. Let me share with you some of the aspects of the hospice team.

When a referral is made to us our central intake nurses forward the request to our admission staff. The admission staff begin the process (of admission)and are followed by our case management nurses. These nurses coordinate the care and organization of needs of the patient and family. Our schedulers make sure nursing care is delivered in a timely manner while our supervisors oversee any clinical issues that may arise.

Our administration staff completes all the behind the scene information making sure that supplies are delivered and problems are handled, while we have a 24 hour triage staff who answer calls especially for those who may be scared or need extra help.

We have on call staff, volunteers, social service and bereavement staff and chaplains who minister to Faith’s of all kinds.

So at the end of the day one patient or family may have 12 or more people assigned to their care. All of the team are dedicated to Hospice care and together everyone achieves more.

“Many hands make light work”

Karen Gagliardi MSN CRNP

Karen Gagliardi MSN CRNP

Karen Gagliardi is a certified registered nurse practitioner at Holy Redeemer Hospice. A nurse for close to 30 years, she graduated from Temple University in 1986 with a BSN and LaSalle University with a MSN as Adult Health Nurse Practitioner. Karen has worked in critical care, nursing management, as a clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students and as a field clinician for Hospice.
Karen Gagliardi MSN CRNP

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  1. Holy Redeemer

    Thank you to everyone for your comments! When this blog was published on 8/23, it was a previous draft of the post. Karen had submitted an updated blog post earlier, but it was mixed up by the blog editior with a previous version. That is why some entities may have been missed in the first version. The correct version is now up and we apologize for the mix up.

  2. Cindy Spence

    Massage Therapists play an important role on the teams at VITAS Innovative Hospice Care. Our work is valued by our patients, their families and the agency. It’s truly an honor to be part of this sacred work in collaboration with the other professionals you mention.


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