The Mind Body Connection – Bridging the Gap

Centuries ago, incense and perfumed oils were used to aide in the healing process. Many ancestral “remedies” are lost as we move towards science and technology. However, just because we have the presence of medicine, does not mean we can’t assist the mind body connection.

Our complimentary therapy nurses serve as that symbol of  supporting the mind body connection; even at end of life.

Complimentary therapy nurses are registered nurses with special training and certifications in massage therapy, aromatherapy and healing touch. They use a combination of essential oils such as lavender or cederwood and lemongrass to help the agitated mind of dementia patients. The use of massage of the hands feet or neck along with light touch is especially comforting with anxiety.

Healing touch uses the souls energy to create balance; with the goal of trying to provide the patient ( and family) with peace of mind.

So when considering Hospice Care, our nurses may refer the patient to a Complimentary therapy nurse to bridge the gap between medicine and mystical. In this way we are providing the ultimate holistic experience of Care-Comfort and Heal.

* Thank you to our Complimentary therapy nurses, Jean White and Dottie Maggie for their support and knowledge.

**Thank you to Heidi Thomas Hospice Nursing Supervisor for providing the photo of her grandfather’s remedy box


Karen Gagliardi MSN CRNP

Karen Gagliardi MSN CRNP

Karen Gagliardi is a certified registered nurse practitioner at Holy Redeemer Hospice. A nurse for close to 30 years, she graduated from Temple University in 1986 with a BSN and LaSalle University with a MSN as Adult Health Nurse Practitioner. Karen has worked in critical care, nursing management, as a clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students and as a field clinician for Hospice.
Karen Gagliardi MSN CRNP

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