How Integrative Medicine is Transforming Healthcare

Patients are the driving force to merge state-of-the-art medical treatment and Integrative Medicine. Using Integrative medicine, physicians see the body as whole and strive to uncover the root cause of disease. Consumers are demanding to take a more active role int heir health and prevention of chronic disease. Due to this increased demand, physicians are expanding their formal education and shifting their perspective to provide evidence-based integrative medicine to their patients.
Jodi Hutchinson, P.A., Director of Integrative Medicine & Wellness, Holy Redeemer Health System, recently discussed this topic with Dinah Gonzalez, M.D., Holy Redeemer’s newest Integrative medicine physician for women’s health and gynecology. Dr. Gonzalez completed a prestigious two-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine under world-renowned Andrew Weil, M.D., at the University of Arizona.

JH: Why did you leave your practice after 25 years in conventional gynecological medicine and undertake an intense course of training in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Weil?

DG: I always had an interest in natural healing. My mother avoided back surgery by adhering to a treatment plan that included chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture treatments. As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, I enjoyed listening to my patients’ stories to better understand how to help them heal. I realized that I needed more evidence – based knowledge than what I had learned in medical school to meet the new needs of my patients. This led me to enroll in the country’s first Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Arizona. I learned a new way of caring for my patients that included nutritional approaches, research-based dietary supplement recommendations, and mind-body medicine.

This challenging program also became a beautiful gift of personal growth and transformation – I changed as a person and a physician.

JH: What are some of the principles of Integrative Medicine?

DG: Integrative Medicine is a healing-oriented practice that takes into account the whole person and all aspects of his or her lifestyle and uses more natural and less invasive interventions. The emphasis is not on treating a symptom but being able to take the time to identify the symptom’s source.

JH: How do you partner with a patient?

DG: I serve as a specialty consultant and start with a comprehensive evaluation. More time with the physician allows the ancient art of storytelling and active listening to create a connection and foster a healing partnership. Together we develop an individualized treatment plan. Collaboration with her primary physician is key to ensure that she hs the most successful outcome for long-term health.

Make An Appointment: Dr. Gonzalez is currently accepting new patients for conventional, annual gynecology, and fee-for-service Integrative Medicine consulting appointments at: Integrative Women’s Health and Gynecology, 385 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 310, Yardley – 215-544-5695

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