Eating Right During The Holidays

We all know how hard it is to watch our weight during the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because there are loads of food on the table and most importantly, pie! Next, Christmas is a time to put out tons of different types of homemade cookies. Also, Hanukkah adds in some delicious dishes such as potato lakes and doughnuts. No one wants to hold back with food on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas because they only come around once a year. Unfortunately, in order to stay healthy, we need to be mindful of what treats we enjoy.

The best way to cut down during the holidays is to eat smart. First, consider a salad or soup to start the delicious meal. Then, move on to the lean meat that is on the table. After that, you can move on to the vegetable sides such as green beans, carrots, and corn followed by the tasty sides like the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and bread. Later, everyone is taking a look at the dessert in the kitchen but your stomach may only have a tiny bit of space left! Take a few bites of a slice of pie or that scrumptious chocolate cake. While eating the smart way, make sure to eat slowly and take sips of water in between each bite. This will make us even fuller and therefore, we will eat less without even thinking about it.

After everyone eats dinner, many people like to sit down and talk or watch TV. Instead of sitting around, try to stay active with your friends and family. Do you have kids that come to the holiday party? Play tag or hide-and-seek! If there are no kids around, try to find a family member or friend and take a walk around the neighborhood with them. This will get your heart pumping and calories burning. Just make sure you don’t run around too soon after you eat.

There are many different ways to keep the extra weight off during the holidays. We all know that it is extremely hard to stay away from the excess of delicious food during the holidays. You can eat the smart way by following these few steps.

How to eat right during the holiday season:

  • Eat in order from healthy to unhealthy foods in order to cut down on unhealthy foods. Each category of food you finish, eat less of the next one.
    1. Salad or Soup
    2. Lean Meat
    3. Vegetables (green beans, carrots, corn)
    4. Sides (mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread)
    5. Dessert
  • Drink a sip of water in between each bite of food
  • Eat slowly
  • Get active after dinner (play with kids, take a walk, etc.)
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